Visit (previously known as is a Czech online travel agency. On its website it provides a fare aggregator, metasearch engine and booking for airline tickets. Its unique feature is “virtual interlining” – selling flight itineraries combining normally non-cooperating airlines, while company provides guarantees covering missed connections.

The website was started in 2011, the company, headquartered in Brno, was founded in 2012 by Oliver Dlouhý and Jiří Hlavenka. In 2016 the company acquired domain name for $800,000 and rebranded itself to

As of 2017 the company is one of the five biggest online sellers of airline tickets in Europe, with yearly turnover multiplying in recent years to around 700 million euros. Apart Brno, it has offices in Kiev, Fiji, Split and Belgrade, plans opening new offices in Prague, Manila, Durban, Barcelona and Dalian.

As of May 2017 the main shareholders of the company are its founders Oliver Dlouhý (24.5%), Jiří Hlavenka (20.2%) and Jozef Képesi (13.4%), Czech venture firm Touzimsky Airlines (21.6%) and Czech businessman and investor Ondřej Tomek (10%).

Source: Wikipedia

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