Hello from CrazySpaceCat, the new and easy way to find the best digital tools.

At CrazySpaceCat we display tools that help you grow. Over some time we discovered that there a lot of cool tools but it’s sometimes hard to find them all at one place. We also found out that many of the tools exist for some time but we hadn’t heard about them before. If we had heard about them before it would help us improve faster and get over some of the challenges faster and smoother. So CrazySpaceCat was launched in 2017 to help everyone with finding the best digitals tools.


Core Values

These are the values that guide us:

Passion – We love what we do and do what we love.

Product – We thrive to build the greatest products.

Optimize – We love to optimize everything for more efficient work and life.

Process –  It’s not always about reaching the destination, sometimes the journey itself is a destination.

Profit – Long-term gain over short-term gain. We work for growth and profitability because it provides us freedom and control over our lives.


Thank you for taking your time to read about CrazySpaceCat.

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