How to Start a Website Builder Business


There are many website builders out there but what if you want to create your own and provide your customers with the ability to craft and run their websites? Here you’ll find some option on how to do that.

Option 1: White label

Many website builders offer a white label service. It means that they are willing to provide you with their software so you can easily start your own website builder business in return to a commission or fixed payment. This is the best way if you’re just starting out but this option also has many restrictions as you’ll have to play by the white label provider rules. It means you won’t be able to change the software and grow your business in the direction you prefer so easily. Here are some of the website builders that offer white label service: Mozello, Ucraft, and Duda.

Option 2: Hire professionals

This is probably the costliest option but by hiring professionals you ensure that things will go your way. This is assuming that you have enough funds to make it so. This is also a risky option and needs to be considered throughout before starting as more than one people will be involved in the project and you’ll be the one who’s in charge and also the one who’ll pay for the mistakes. Hey, but if it turns out great, you’ll also be the one who cashes in and gets credit for the work.

Option 3: Learn and start small

By going with this option you agree to take things slowly and thoughtfully. You can start learning how to create simple websites and then research how website builders are built. Once you feel confident about your skill, you can start creating your website builder by using some ready-made solutions (a white label that offers full control of the code) or some ready-made templates. You’ll need a lot more time if you go by this route but you’ll also learn a lot of new skill that will help you on your journey throughout the online world and life.


Starting your own website builder probably isn’t the easiest thing and our page doesn’t cover full details on how to do it but we hope that we could provide you with a small insight on this topic and you’re on your way to start your own website builder (or any other online business).

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