How to Start a Web Hosting Company

Almost everyone who has a website of their own has heard about the big hosting names like HostGator, DreamHost, and Siteground. But what if you want to start your own hosting company? It doesn’t sound like an easy thing to do but luckily for you, we’ve created a few steps for you to get started.

Step1: Create your branding and set your goals

As there are many web hosting companies out there you have to think about how you’ll stand out and whether you’ll even be able to compete with other hosting providers. Consider all of the aspects and whether it’s worth to even start. If you do decide to start your own web host company, make sure to create your own branding and set your goals. Think about what do you want to accomplish and how you’ll serve your customers. Think about how you can fix some of the industry problems and fill in the gaps of today’s hosting company disadvantages.

Step 2: Find a partner

This is important! As a partner, we mean someone who will take care of all of the technical stuff required to run your own hosting company. You’ll need a server provider. It can be easily solved by using a reseller program of an already well-established company like HostGator.

Step 3: Set up your website

You need to create your own website with a hosting control panel, billing system, and customer support channel. Some of the reseller programs can help you with this as they provide some useful tools that take care of some of the hustle to set everything up on your side. WHMCS is one of the most popular client billing and management tools. You can also check Zendesk for a customer service solution.

Step 4: Get your first customers

It might not be an easy task at first but it’s a very interesting part of running a business and, of course, a very important one. You can start by running some Facebook Ads or going into paid search battler with other hosting companies by using Google Ads. Make sure to think about your marketing strategy and how you’ll attract your first customer.

Step 5: Grow your business

Once you have acquired your first customer you have to think about your second, third, fourth and maybe even millionth customer. Don’t try to overpush things but keep a steady growth rate. Try to improve month over month and expand your business. Remember your goals and adjust them if needed.


Owning a hosting company – sounds cool and crazy but thanks to all of the possibilities that the internet provides now, it’s not that super hard anymore. We hope that you received your first small push towards starting your own hosting company by reading our small tutorial.

Thanks to Reliablesite for some inspiration on this topic.

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