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Flightics is a new flight search engine, which has own search algorithm and advanced searching options. This unique algorithm especially searches amazing trips across several cities in Europe. We called it CityBreak.

Example routes which can be are easily found via Flightics: Prague – London – Porto – Rome – Prague in a single trip. It´s easy to enter duration of stay in a given destination (range 1-14 days) and interval of departure is not limited to exact dates, so it´s possible to search cheapest options for whole month or season.

Flightics uses several cheap one – way tickets to combine this trips. Strategy of low-cost airlines is that they sell cheap one way tickets, but return ticket from the same destination is more expensive. So we search for next cheap one – way ticket to any other or chosen destination. It´s a great experience to visit best places in Europe and save money.

Another advantage is that we can fly from one airport and return to another in the same country. We can book flight tickets from Brno and fly back to Prague. Or we can fly to Manchester and then return from Liverpool and we are able to find cheaper tickets than on route Prague – Manchester. Bus transportation is cheap between these cities and they are close to each other.

Also our unique flight search algorithm allows our customers to combine flights from airlines who do not normally collaborate onto a single itinerary, also save your money.

We are focused to search awesome trips through Europe, thereafter we would like to search trips overseas and in Asia. If we make it, CityBreak will be great tool for exploring amazing places in Asia.

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