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When should you use image compressors?

If you want to have a fast loading website, image compressors can really help you. But what are these tools and why should you use them? We are here to help you identify all of that. Not only that though, we will also let you know how and when to use these. You will learn when it’s useful to opt for such a tool and how handy it can get to have one for you when you need it!


What are image compressors?

The image compressors are tools designed to help you compress images to make them smaller. Initially, most of the image formats tend to be rather large. It may not sound like much at first, but the reality is that image compressors tend to be very large and significant, something that you do need to have quite a lot.

Image compressors can usually help you compress as well as resize the JPG and PNG files. Some may work with others, but not all of them will be like that. It’s important to take that into account, as it will just make the experience a whole lot better in the end because of it. Quality is crucial here, so knowing how and when to adapt everything is very important.


Can you specify the image compression rate?

Obviously, this all comes down to the product that you are using. Most sites can help you do that, but there are some which don’t really put a lot of control in your hands. You are still allowed to make the changes you want without an issue, but in the end, you are free to use whatever you want. Some of the best things about image compressors come from customizability, so the idea is to find one which does bring you just about all the features you want in a comprehensive package. Once you get to have all of that, the overall results can certainly be more than ok, and that’s something to take into consideration for sure.

The image dimensions can be reduced, or you can keep the dimensions and just reduce the overall quality. Of course, something has to give in order for you to get a much better set of results. Whether you do get that or not, it’s all about what you want to lose here. If you want to compress the image, you definitely have to lose either size or quality.

Most of the image compressors will focus on losing quality because the image size is very important and that’s the last thing that you want to lose in the end. But if you really know how to tackle this sort of thing you can get some tremendous benefits.


Is there any limit when it comes to using image compressors?

Usually, there is no limit. But there are some sites that will help you upload up to 20-30 images at once. The image size can also be very large, usually, the largest file size can be 30 MB or 50 MB. While you may not be able to process RAW files, this is more than ok for the JPEG, BMP, PNG and other formats. It’s just a great experience as a whole and one that you will enjoy quite a lot in the end.

You don’t have to worry about any limits, even if they do exist from time to time. But things like these do happen and they always will. So you might as well take your time to adjust to everything.


Do you get to see a difference in image quality?

It’s all about which one of the image compressors you choose. But not only that, aside from the compressor you will also notice that the compression system is very important too. Usually, that would be either lossy or lossless. Either way, you can get a very good experience from the compression system and that on its own makes it shine in the long run. There will always be some challenges to be had here and there, but what really helps this shine is a great attention to detail and the value can be quite astonishing.

You don’t see any difference in quality unless you opted for a specific, major difference on your own. But that’s not easy to see most of the time, and most of your customers won’t see it either. So you can easily use image compressors if you want to have your site load faster and still get the image you want.


Do image compressors make your site faster?

Yes, they do. The way they achieve such a result is by not stressing the servers with large files. You just upload the compressed file. Customers still know what you uploaded and you get to save space on the server. Not only that, but the loading times are faster and you get to stay away from losing more customers. This is a problem that appears all the time, whether you like it or not.

But once you start using image compressors, you can eliminate it. The sites are loading way faster than you always wanted and the outcome can be more than ok for sure. There will always be some compression tasks for you to take into consideration. So yes, the image compressors will be right up there for you.

The image compressors tend to automatically identify textures, colors and patterns. The encoder will also create the optimal way to compress JPEG files to avoid wasting a lot of space. If you have thousands of photos, then these can end up eating a lot of useful space. With image compressors, you get to do that regardless of what may happen.

One thing is certain, using image compressors can be great as long as you want to have your images require less space. Plus, websites do load faster with compressed images. And in the end, customers won’t really see the difference unless you really want to. Give this a try, it really is an amazing way to compress images fast and easy!


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